Saturday, August 02, 2014

Hotel Europe

Photos taken and manipulated in phone camera.  Stairs and lobby photographed at the old Hotel Europe in Gastown.  A very cool building - it's called a Flat Iron building with the whole building shaped like a wedge or flat iron.  It was built in 1909 and it used to be a hotel.  Now it's low income housing.  The lobby still has all the original marble stair and brass railings.  The tile mosaic work on the floor was absolutely gorgeous!  Apparently, rumour has it that these may be the haunts of two ghosts!

Brick wall was a photo of a really cool brick wall I saw in Chinatown.  

Friday, August 01, 2014

August 2014

August 2014 desktop calendar 
It's August and the year is more than halfway over. Hubby has another two months to his retirement and I have another two years to go.

As a kid, August was a time of laziness for me. It was ok to lie on the cool grass for hours at a time and do nothing but watch the clouds go by. August was endless.

As an adult, August goes by way too fast. August is the other side of the year. The days feel shorter now.  There always seems to be so much to do and so very little time to do everything. A two week vacation is gone in a blink of an eye. I feel like I'm running out of time.

August 2014 was done in Procreate, filters created in Glaze, with everything imported to Sketchclub to combine and final editing. Calendar insert is from here.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Scary blank pages

Why are blank pages so intimidating?
I've been trying to break the curse of the blank pages but not having any luck. I have no problem picking up my iPad and doodling away but staring at a white page is so intimidating. Tomorrow, I will face my fears.

Doodled on my iPad using Sketchclub.

Monday, June 30, 2014

July 2014 desktop calendar

July 2014 
I skipped June. No real reason other than I was busy and didn't make a calendar. So much was happening in June. Work was insane with our annual recruitment, new members coming into our team, and old members leaving. I've been doing more knitting and spinning lately. Less computer stuff and more real life stuff.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

I admit I'm a hoarder.

I think I've crossed that fine line between stash and hoard. I admit I have a problem with craft stuff. When I say I've tried pretty much any craft out there and have all the stuff to go with it, I'm not joking. This week is my annual clean the workroom week. It used to take a couple of hours, a day at the most but now it's taking almost a whole week. Mind you, it is a very thorough clean. Each box is opened and the contents inspected carefully, box washed out with a solution of vinegar and water and then repacked. Books are taken off the shelves, shelves are moved to vacumn behind them, washed with water and vinegar, and then books are sorted and put back.

This year I've been a bit more ruthless. WIPs that I know I'll never get around to finishing were ripped out and rewound. Odd balls of yarn that I'll never use went into a bin to go out. Luckily, all the natural fibres can be composted so that's a good thing.

Tossed out are all the pretty boxes that I've collected that I might someday use in a craft. I found a ziplock bag full of pretty shiny foil that I had no idea I had.

The hardest thing is not to get sidetracked. As I go through the boxes, I find stuff that I've forgotten and it's like seeing old friends. You want to stop and visit. I have 12 large paper bags of fleece...all washed and some are picked.  These bags are the big garden recycling paper bags and not your wimpy grocery bags. Yeah. I have a lot of stuff. I'm pretty sure I've stashed beyond my life expectancy.

Thursday, May 22, 2014


This is my Jenkins Lark Turkish spindle. I've had this for a while now and have not touched it since the first spin. Life and other projects came between us. It's light and beautiful and spins like a dream. The fibre is Falkland Islands organic merino/polworth blend. Very soft.

You don't spin on a spindle because you're in a hurry.  Output on a tiny spindle is much slower than output on a spinning wheel.  If you want fast and immediate results, you spin on the electric spinner.

I've forgotten how to slow down.  To wait for the results one inch at a time.  I'm still impatient when I see how long it's taken just to spin this little bit of yarn but I'm working on it. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Columbines in Gold

Columbines in gold 
It started with a new cellphone and a thought of what I could do with a then unheard of cellphone camera of 5 whole megapixels. It was a personal challenge to see if I can take decent pictures with a cellphone camera. I've upgraded my cellphone camera a couple of times and now 41 megapixels later, I'm hooked again on photography and all that it offered in digital manipulations. The best part now is seeing what I can do on my iPad and phone. Instant editing and so very portable. Apps are getting so good and so sophisticated that the line between computer editing and editing on the go has almost disappeared. When I see an effect done with Photoshop, I think of how I can duplicate the same effect on just the iPad or phone.

The picture above was editing directly using an editing app in the Lumia 1020. The textured overlay was another photo edited in the phone and blended with the columbines.